KYC Policy

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Highway Casino is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security, transparency, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) policy outlines our commitment to verifying the identity of our users and preventing fraudulent activities. This policy explains the procedures and measures we have in place to ensure that our platform remains secure and trustworthy for all players.

Introduction to KYC

KYC, which stands for Know Your Customer, is an essential process in the gaming and financial industry. It is an integral part of responsible gaming and regulatory compliance. The KYC process involves verifying the identity of users to ensure they meet legal age requirements, are not involved in fraudulent activities, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This process is critical in preventing identity theft, fraud, and money laundering.

Objectives of KYC

The primary objectives of our KYC policy are as follows:
  1. Confirmation of Identity: To confirm the identity of our users and their legal age.
  2. Fraud Prevention: To prevent fraudulent activities, including identity theft and payment fraud.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: To ensure compliance with local and international regulations.
  4. Maintaining a Secure Environment: To maintain a secure gaming environment for all players, where they can enjoy their favorite
  5. games without concerns about identity theft or fraud.

KYC Process

Our KYC process is designed to be comprehensive and effective. It includes the following steps:
  • User Registration: During the registration process, users are required to provide accurate and up-to-date information, including their full name, date of birth, and contact details. This information is essential for verifying the user’s identity and legal age.
  • Document Verification: To enhance the verification process, we may request additional documentation from users. This may include government-issued ID cards, passports, utility bills, or other relevant documents. These documents help us confirm the authenticity of the user’s identity.
  • Address Verification: Address verification is another crucial step in the KYC process. We may request proof of residence, such as utility bills or bank statements, to confirm the user’s address.
  • Source of Funds: In compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, we may inquire about the source of funds used for gambling. This is an essential step to prevent money laundering and ensure the legitimacy of financial transactions.
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Sanctions Checks: We conduct checks to ensure that users are not politically exposed persons or individuals listed on international sanctions lists. This is in line with our commitment to maintaining the integrity and transparency of our gaming platform.

Data Protection and Security

We take data protection and security very seriously. Your personal data is of utmost importance, and we employ robust security measures to protect it. These measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of your data. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Reporting Obligations

In compliance with regulatory requirements, we have a legal obligation to report any suspicious activities or transactions to the appropriate authorities. This is part of our commitment to preventing financial crimes and maintaining a secure gaming environment. We will cooperate fully with these agencies in any investigation or reporting process.

Retention of KYC Data

We retain KYC data for as long as required by law or regulatory standards. This data is securely stored and accessed only by authorized personnel for KYC purposes. Our data retention policies are in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Access to KYC Data

Access to KYC data is limited to authorized personnel who require it for KYC purposes. We ensure that all employees and agents who handle your data are well-informed about data protection and privacy regulations. We take data access and handling very seriously and have stringent policies in place to maintain data security and privacy.

Training and Awareness

Our employees are well-informed about KYC regulations and procedures. We conduct regular training and awareness programs to ensure that our team remains vigilant and up-to-date with the latest developments in KYC and data protection. This ongoing training is a critical component of our commitment to maintaining a secure and compliant gaming platform.

Changes to this KYC Policy

We may update this KYC Policy to reflect changes in KYC procedures, legal requirements, or operational needs. You will be notified of any changes through the updated policy, which will be posted on this page. We are committed to keeping our users informed and up-to-date regarding our KYC procedures and policies.